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Furniture shopping and assembly shouldn’t be a production. So we set out to take the work out of home decor. With our insider knowledge and smart engineering, everyone can have the quality furniture they have always wanted without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

Why Arbr Heights

Because we know you don’t actually use that budgeting app.

Wallet Friendly
Easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes. Get brand new showroom quality furniture delivered to your door without paying an arm and a leg. And of course free shipping, always!
Easy Assembly
We take pride in our easy to assemble pieces. Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a cold one. All you really have to do is remember, ‘lefty loosey, righty tighty.’
Good Stuff
Build your dream home with furniture that you'll want to stick with. We’re over the short term “situationships” and have matured into long term committed relationships with our products.

Furniture? More like Funiture, Amirite?!

Remember when headaches were a morning after thing, not an afternoon trying-to-figure-these-damn-assembly-instructions thing?
We made it so that a few mouse clicks count as assembly.

“Wow, that was easy!”

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